We live in a world where the pace of change is faster than ever and challenges can feel overwhelming, especially for us leaders.

But we also live in a time where we have the knowledge, the technology and the resources
How to lead and succeed in dynamic change
to take on pretty much whatever problem we face. As companies, leaders, and humanity.

To quote former President Barack Obama:
”As a President, I discovered that most of the major problems we face are not due to a lack of technological innovation, but to a lack of leadership.” 

We often know WHAT we need to do and change, but struggle with HOW to get it done. But that’s not all. We need to learn how to do it again and again, since constant change is here to stay.

Challenges when moving from hierarchies to network organizations

Most of us have realized that traditional hierarchies don’t do the job anymore. But at the same time, the evolving network organizations have their own challenges.

Holding on to the traditional model:

Targets, plans & KPI’s in silos block collaboration
Slow insight/response to customer need
Designed for stability – slow change

Network organization challenges:

Unclear and changing targets, plans & KPI’s
Unclear or unknown roles, competencies & capabilities
Losing sense of belonging and motivation

Connecting people and businesses in a positive growth spiral

We believe in another way to lead and work, where the structure is anchored in every person to make it both agile and stable – in a new way. Where all of us are engaged and connected to what we want and need to achieve, to our customers and to each other. Where our ways of working help us move quickly from insight to action and flow smoothly with the pace of change. Where we collaborate freely in whatever eco-system needed. And where we are supported by leaders who expect all of us to do the right things by our own power so that people and business develop each other in a never-ending positive spiral. That’s how to create strong result and sustainable business value.

The upside-down pyramid:

People engaged and connected (to self, customers, purpose and each other)
Self leadership in collaboration
Rapid insight-to-action
Whatever eco-system needed

Customer centric, agile and stable in a new way
The Good Acceleration – how to get it going

To smoothen the change journey, we have gathered business, team and people development under one roof. Good Accelerator’s transformation model is designed to really make change happen. It’s based on solid research, proven methods and extensive own experience in the forefront of leading transformation.

1. People Power

1. Inner Compass

1. Smart Speed

So, now what? Read more about how we take it from theory to practice by going to Our Services.