The transformation is here, whether we like it or not

One of the most important tasks for today’s leaders, is to guide their teams and co-workers as well as drive their companies through the big transformation that is required to thrive in the digital era. Both as individuals and as companies.

Good Accelerator’s CEO Anna Philipson, gives her view on why more and more companies are forced to change their corporate structures and ways of working in our time. But also on why, according to Anna, what at first may seem like unwanted problems, in most cases turn out to be our fastest route to growth and development.

The talk about the new, digitalized era has been going on for a while by now. Anna Philipson, CEO of Good Accelerator, is of the opinion that we now have reached a new phase of the development. It’s time to walk our talk.

“The concept of digitalization isn’t new. The big difference is that it’s not only a discussion topic anymore, but a reality that effects all our lives and that we need to act upon. The world in which we live, and run our companies, is in constant development. Everything moves faster all the time and the future becomes harder and harder to predict.”

Experience of the hurricane of digitalization

Anna has first-hand experience of the challenges of leading in the digital era. Since more than 20 years back, she has had multiple different leader roles in one of the hottest centres of the digitalization: Telecom. She says herself that her work life “almost always have been in the middle of a hurricane of rapid technology development, digitalization, globalization and new business models”. Her latest leading position was at Telia in 2016, as Head of Customer Channels. That is also where she first came up with the idea of Good Accelerator. She then founded the company in 2017, which has since then helped businesses to lead in a new way, adapted for our digital world and age.

“In our work at Good Accelerator we see the tough pressure of transformation that the corporate world is put under, every day. Almost all industries are challenged by new business models and competing businesses that didn’t even exist just a couple years back. Companies come to us simply because they need to change in order not to become too slow and rigid for our time.”

Big problems=big value

However, Anna is also sure that the same powers that deconstruct the traditional power structures create immense possibilities for us to run and lead our companies in new ways.

“I often say that big problems equal big value. That’s exactly what the changes of today is showing us. Imagine a company with 10 000 employees, where 100 people in management try to remain control of all that is happening in order to tell the other 9 900 employees what to do. It’s pretty clear that this company won’t be able to operate in the new reality we live and lead in. However, the question is whether it was as effective as it could be even from the beginning!”

“At Good Accelerator, we do exactly the opposite. We make sure that all 10 000 employees think, do and drive the development forward, together and at the same time, towards a joint vision and well-defined goals. We take the opportunity to rebuild the corporate structure from the ground, so that we can make use of everyone’s ideas, creative solutions and power. Because, well, we are going to need them.”

Conscious or forced transformation

Anna says that all companies – and individuals – is facing a transformation in our new age, whether we like it or not. But each leader and organization can choose to make a conscious transformation and make use of all the new opportunities in our world. If not, they will be forced to go through a transformation later on, but now under much higher pressure and with greater risks. Today, many companies are facing this situation, which is what Anna and her team calls a forced transformation.

“When we are not connected in the right way within the organization, higher pressure will lead to division, confusion and conflicts. Decisions become short-sighted and often lack true insight into what is happening close to our customers and our reality. Today, many businesses are in the middle of forced transformations. They wouldn’t have been necessary if they had done the changes that were needed in time.”

Survive and thrive

In Anna’s opinion, leaders and businesses should work with conscious transformation and with re-building structures from the foundation, in order to survive – and thrive – in the time that we live in.

“If we build right from the start, we will have a stable foundation that is anchored in all of the organization. Sure, change will still have to happen at an accelerating speed. But when we act from a structure that in an intelligent, fast and powerful way makes use of everyone’s collective power that change will happen more or less by itself as a response to what is in front of us. This is when we can start turning challenges into opportunities, and the transformation starts working in our favour rather than breaking us down. We are and remain rapidly changing, agile, even in tough situations.”

Even companies that don’t have the new structure built into their ways of working from the beginning, can turn negative development into positive, according to Anna.

“We can always choose to turn a forced transformation into a conscious one. This is going to demand a conscious leader with the right tools and experience, a person who both dares and is able to do what is needed.”

What is the role of Good Accelerator in business transformation processes?

Good Accelerator is composed by a team with experienced leaders, who themselves have gone through both forced and conscious transformations many times over. They know what these processes mean, and therefore can and want to help others. To their help, they have well tested tools and methods that make sure the changes needed can be implemented as fast and painless as possible.

“With focus on both the individual and the business structure, we know how to get both people and companies all the way through their transformation. This makes the transformation happen with the least possible loss – of financial results, health and engagement – and most possible value exchange. For the company, the customers and ourselves as human beings.”

Are you and your company facing a big change in how you lead and work? Read more about what Good Accelerator has to offer the people, companies and leaders of our time.