Hello Stina!

We are very proud to present the newest member of our team. Stina Treven, welcome to Good Accelerator!

Stina, it is great to have you with us on our transformation journey. What is it that makes you choose to work with us?

Thank you very much, it feels great to be a part of the team! For me, Good Accelerator has a important, topical  and exciting concept. It includes both self leadership and methods for working with operational topics and long-term vision with purpose. In short, all it takes to operate in the digital world; where everything seems to move faster, we still need to deliver and many people’s health is worse than ever. 

Good Accelerator has concepts, methods and tools I wish I would’ve had in many of my leading positions.


What do you believe the value of a conscious leadership is in today’s world?

We can never stop change, we must find ways to adapt to it. We can do this by understanding how we work as human beings. We need to understand ourselves, emotionally, mentally and physically, and how the behavioural patterns we have with us from hundred thousand years ago affect us. There is a lot in that we can learn from and take with us.

If we give the right tools to leaders who are aware of this, and have important roles in business structures that support a fast and ever-changing market, we have all the prerequisites to build successful, healthy businesses!


Tell us more about yourself and your background.

I have vast operational experience, with over 25 years experience of leadership. Half of this time I have worked as a CEO in small and medium-sized entrepreneurial businesses. I have also spent many years working for Hewlett Packard, where I had the opportunity to learn a lot about how the big company functions, with both up- and downsides.

I am determined and process driven. I have seen first-hand how we can achieve amazing results in a safe, prestigeless environment where co-workers can develop and take responsibility. I believe that my operational experience, along with Good Accelerators methods and knowledge, can create big value for other companies.


What are you most excited about accomplishing together with the rest of the team at Good Accelerator?

I look forward to helping other companies find a sustainable approach to the fast-paced digitalized world we live in. By using Good Accelerators tools and knowledge I want to give conscious leaders the right tools, so they in turn can create successful businesses with healthy happy co-workers!
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